as Toby in <i>Sweeney Todd</i> with Patti Lupone<br />Photo: Paul Kolonik
As Tom Watson in Tony winning revival of <i>Parade</i>
Photo: Paul Smith
as Prosecutor Horace Gilmer in <i>To Kill A Mockingbird</i>(Broadway) with Eliza Scanlen, Nick Robinson, Lisa Gay Hamilton<br />Photo: Julieta Cervantes
as Don John in <i>Much Ado About Nothing</i> with Eric Weiman and Yadira Correa<br />Photo: Jim Cox
as Larry Murphy in <i>Dear Evan Hansen</i>
<i>Amelie</i> with Phillipa Soo<br />Photo: Walter McBride
as Tateh in <i>Ragtime</i> with Lilla Crawford<br />Photo: Walter McBride
as Caliban in <i>The Tempest</i> with Kate Burton and Nora Carroll<br />Photo: Jim Cox
as the Narrator in Lemony Snicket & Nathaniel Stookey’s <i>The Composer is Dead</i> with conductor Donato Cabrera
as Deflores in <i>The Changeling</i><br />Photo: Carol Rosegg
as Maximillian in Lynn Nottage’s <i>By The Way Meet Vera Stark</i> with Jenni Barber, Carra Patterson, Jessica Frances Dukes, Heather Alicia Simms<br />Photo: Sara Krulwich
<i>Three Sisters</i> with Stevie Ray Dallimore and Jessica Hecht<br />Photo: T. Charles Erickson
as Giovanni in Dario Fo's <i>We Won't Pay!</i>
As T-Ray Owens in<i>The Secret Life of Bees</i> with Elizabeth Teeter<br />Photo: <a href='' target='_blank'>Ahron R. Foster</a>
as Face in <i>The Alchemist</i> with Reg Rogers<br />Photo: Carol Rosegg
Photo: Paul Smith
<i>Flora the Red Menace</i> with Eden Espinosa<br />Photo: Michael Lamont
as Norman in<i>Tales of the City</i> with Betsy Wolfe<br />Photo: Kevin Berne
as Singer in <i>Caucasion Chalk Circle</i><br />Photo: Kevin Berne
as Cal in <i>Mothers and Sons</i> with Tyne Daly<br />Photo: Mandee Kuenzle
<i>The Outsider</i> with Lenny Wolpe<br />Photo: Steve Hockstein
as Alfred Russell Wallace in <i>Trumpery</i> with Michael Cristofer<br />Photo: Doug Hamilton
as George in <i>Sunday in the Park with George</i> with Kelli O'Hara<br />Photo: Ringo H.W. Chiu
<i>The Cherry Orchard</i> with Danai Gurira and Josephine Hagerty
as Jerry in <i>Zoo Story</i> with Anthony Fusco<br />Photo: Kevin Berne
as Norman in <i>Round and Round the Garden</i> with René Augesen<br />Photo: Kevin Berne
as Feste in <i>Twelfth Night</i> with Sara Topham<br />Photo: Jim Cox
as Valmont in <i>Les Liaisons Dangereuses</i>